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TrainingPrimaryWise believes that wise investment in staff training and development is one of the most effective means of sustaining school and organisational improvement.

Arranging training through PrimaryWise will:

  • Increase staff confidence and skills to support learning and teaching
  • Provide improved learning outcomes for pupils
  • For ICT, maximise the school's investment in infrastructure, equipment and digital resources
  • Bring a collaborative and supportive ethos where participants build capacity to apply new learning and sustain development
  • Provide access to follow up support and advice
PrimaryWise provides training:
  • To whole staffs
  • To groups of staff - leadership teams, teachers, teaching assistants, support staff, administrative staff
  • To pupils, governors and parent groups
  • To school clusters and learning networks
  • At staff meetings, twilight sessions and non-contact days 

What can Training cover?

Training is offered only after a close analysis of a school's needs to ensure that what is delivered will have maximum impact.  PrimaryWise will discuss these fully with client schools.  This sometimes leads to different training priorities emerging than first envisaged.

PrimaryWise can provide training in the following areas  For full details please refer to the relevant information page for each type of training.

  • All aspects of ICT
  • Teaching Assistants' Induction & CPD
  • Support & Administrative Staff
  • Leadership & Management